Kumi Hirose Main image


The surging energy of a big city.
Young people fly into a passion ! ! !
Children, cry out ! !
Old man, good luck ! !
I am me.
No more, no less.
We are different human beings with our own individuality.
You too.
Even my works of art are the same.
It is my ways to express
my passion.


1986 Born in Tokushima prefecture, Japan
2008 Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts- Oil Painting and Printmaking Course, Department of Painting, College of Art and Design, Joshibi University of Art and Design
2010 Degree: Master of Fine Arts- Concentration in Oil Painting, Fine Art Course, Master's Degree Program, Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School of Art and Design

<History of Awarded Prize>

2017 G25N Virtual Online Gallery ⁄ Grant Recipient <New York>
2013 The 98th Nika Art Exhibition ⁄ Selected <Tokyo>
2010 The 20th All Japan First Prize Painting Exhibition‚ Art Salon ⁄ Selected <Tokyo>
2009 Kojin Toneyama Prize The 4th Triennial  Competition ⁄ Selected <Iwate>
2008 The 44th Kanagawa Art Exhibition ⁄ The second prize <Kanagawa>
2008 A Prize of Collection in Joshibi University of Art and Design Art Museum
 ⁄ Prize <Tokyo>
2008 Yoshiyuki Kato Memorial Prize
 ⁄ Joshibi University of Art and Design‚ Valedictorian Prize <Tokyo>

<Solo Exhibition>

2017 Crazy toy box 2 ⁄ Ouchi gallery  <New York>
2016 Crazy toy box ⁄ Ouchi gallery <New York>

<Group Exhibition>

2017 SJAC 2017 Exhibition ⁄ Gallery Max New York <New York>
2017 Bushwick Open Studios 2017 ⁄ Brooklyn Brush Studios <New York>
2017 JCAT Showcase ⁄ Gallery Max New York <New York>
2017 Channel to brooklyn art show ⁄ J-Collabo.org <New York>
2017 Open Call Salon de Eros ⁄ Greenpoint gallery <New York>
2017 The 11th 100 Artists ⁄ Ouchi Gallery <New York>
2016 Holiday Salon Show ⁄ Greenpoint gallery <New York>
2016 People's Choice Art Show ⁄ Greenpoint gallery <New York>
2016 Dark and Scary Halloween Show ⁄ Greenpoint gallery <New York>
2016 Bushwick Open Studios 2016 ⁄ Brooklyn Brush Studios <New York>
2012 GEISAI#16 ⁄ TRC Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc. <Tokyo>
2008 Concentration in Oil Painting‚ Fine Art Course‚ Master's Degree Program‚ 
Joshibi University of Art and Design Graduate School of Art and Design
Exhibition of works ⁄ Gallery Seira <Tokyo>